Travel Vaccines For The Top Travel Destinations

Travel Vaccines for top travel destinationsDreaming of your Summer vacation? If you’re dreaming of a vacation in balmy Asia this Summer, it’s time you looked at travel vaccines. While drinking

Eating For Life

Eating For LifeHow to decide which foods you really should be eating. No doubt you’ve seen a lot of fuss made over different foods since they’ve been named ‘superfoods’. Foods such as ber

5 Things You Should Know About Cosmetic Enhancement

5 Things You Should Know About Cosmetic EnhancementWe're talking cosmetic enhancement and there's some things you should know. When it comes to cosmetic enhancement, many people have preconceived

Surfers Ear: Plug and surf to protect your hearing

Originally posted by Dr Brendan Baragry on gponthegc.comIts hard to imagine that the “sound of outer ocean on a beach” could slowly be lost due to a sport. But it is a sense that surfers may start

Warning: Avocados

Avocados responsible for hand injuriesOriginally posted by Dr Brendan Baragry on gponthegc.comI was assisting a surgeon today when I discovered a phenomenon that is important to identify- the humble a

Knee Cap Niggles

Article originally posted by Dr Brendan Baragry on his blog Knee Cap NigglesSo the Commonwealth Games have finished with the marathon!! It was exciting to watch the competitors

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