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Warning: Avocados

Avocados responsible for hand injuriesOriginally posted by Dr Brendan Baragry on gponthegc.comI was assisting a surgeon today when I discovered a phenomenon that is important to identify- the humble a

Dr George Bertsos Announces His Retirement

With a heavy heart, we farewell Dr George BertsosDr Bertsos has been a much loved member of the Mermaid Central Medical Clinic team for over 14 years. This week he has announced it is time for his lif

What Does The Future Of Health Care Look Like For You?

What does the future of healthcare look like for you? It's no secret that Australia has an ageing population. Due to a declining birth rate and longer life expectancy, The Australian Bureau o

Meet Our Newest Doctor!

Meet Our Newest Doctor!We have a new Doctor joining us at Mermaid Central Medical Clinic, meet Doctor Brendan Baragry.Exciting times for us here at Mermaid Central as our team grows with our newest Do

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit...Queen of the fruits for your skin, hair & health?Dragon Fruit, or Pitaya, is increasing in popularity right now and it's not hard to see why. Other than being delicious, the fruit

Look Who's Here

Look Who's Here!We have a new Dietician on board at Mermaid Central Medical ClinicAccredited Practising Dietitian, Shannon Penny, has commenced services at Mermaid Central Medical Clinic, where she wi

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