5 Things You Should Know About Cosmetic Enhancement

5 Things You Should Know About Cosmetic Enhancement

We're talking cosmetic enhancement and there's some things you should know.

When it comes to cosmetic enhancement, many people have preconceived notions about the procedures, the results and the people who undertake the enhancements. There are any number of reasons a person may turn to cosmetic enhancement, and you should know that vanity isn’t the only explanation. With such an array of treatments available, advances within cosmetic enhancement technology also offer relief from medical conditions which can be debilitating, embarrassing and inconvenient.

Here are five things you should know about cosmetic enhancement.

1. Anti-wrinkle injections aren't just for treating the fine lines on your face, they also have a number of uses in treating medical concerns too. The products can be used to treat migraine sufferers, with great success. In the mid 90's, there were a number of people who were having anti-wrinkle injections for cosmetic reasons who reported their headaches had improved. As a result, a number of clinical trials in various types of headaches followed but the results in tension-type headache, episodic migraine, and undifferentiated chronic headache were disappointing. For those who suffered from chronic migraine, however, the results were promising so further trials were done. The anti-wrinkle injections were first approved for medical use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australian drug regulatory agency) in 1999. If you or someone you know are experiencing problems with chronic migraine, come in and see Dr Fisser & Dr Suarez. They have had some patients report absence of migraines for four to six months following treatment, which is a great result in anyone's books.

2. Have you heard of Hyperhidrosis? Hyperhidrosis is the excess sweating of the hands, feet, underarms and face, which can be treated safely and effectively with anti-wrinkle injections. The product is injected into the problem area and results are noticeable within the following days. Patients who continue with treatments have seen consistent results, and reported long-lasting improvements in their symptoms. As you can imagine, they're also enjoying an improved quality of life, free from what can be an embarrassing and inconvenient condition.

3. Some dermal fillers are natural, while others contain synthetic material. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are two types of naturally-derived fillers available. The synthetic fillers have materials such has liquid silicone, polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) or hydroylapatite added to the hyaluronic injection -these can't be broken down by the body, making them more semi-permanent. Whereas, Collagen and hyaluronic acid are substances your body produces naturally.

4. Did you know? Dermal fillers have been around for over 100 years! Austrian surgeon Robert Guersuny invented fillers in the late 1800s. He experimented with mineral oil (aka Vaseline) and paraffin as a way to fix facial defects. While his methods were quite popular until the 1920s, there were severe complications which saw the practice end. Likely one of the most famous cases was the Duchess of Marlborough, Gladys Deacon, who was described as the most beautiful woman in the world in her early life. The Duchess was unfortunately disfigured after receiving an injection of hot paraffin wax in the nose. Thankfully, the dermal fillers have come a long way in the past century and our specially trained doctors can create beautiful, natural looking results for both men and women.

5. Anti-wrinkle injections used to be the anti-ageing treatment of choice, but we're seeing an increasing number of men and women opt for dermal fillers instead. The dermal fillers replace the volume that is lost as collagen under the skin diminishes as we age, giving a soft, plump, youthful look without freezing the muscle movement.

Each person is different so it’s only natural their desires vary too, which is why the only way to go ahead with any kind of cosmetic enhancement is to have a consultation with a professional. A consultation with a specially trained doctor gives you the opportunity to voice any concerns, ask all the questions you need and come up with a plan for what ever it is you want to achieve. When you’d like to book a consult to discuss your needs, call the clinic on 55752444.

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