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At our Cosmetic Enhancement Clinic, Dr Paul Fisser and Dr Angela Suarez are trained and qualified to perform procedures, consult and advise you on your individual needs to create a younger, softer, and natural-looking appearance.

Anti Wrinkle, volume loss & hydrating solutions

Take action against wrinkles and volume loss to look and feel more youthful

The clinic has a comprehensive range of sophisticated technology to assist clients reverse the effects of aging, plump and smooth skin, preventing wrinkles, and hydrating with injectables specifically designed to provide long-lasting correction of facial lines, contouring, and enhancement. Not only for achieving a fresh new look, our range of products also successfully treat migraines, tension headaches, and profuse sweating.

Type A botulinum neurotoxins can be used effectively to treat many conditions including wrinkles, migraines/tension headaches, Bruxism (clenching of the jaw), and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). This neurotoxin works by inhibiting the neurotransmitter acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction, which can relax muscles and decrease sweating. Effects can be seen as soon as 2-3 days post injection however, peak effectiveness can take up to 7-10 days. These are temporary treatments but may last from up to 3-12 months depending on the indication being treated. All our injectable treatments are performed by our highly experienced doctors.

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are sterile gels that are injected into the skin to correct lines, replace lost volume, improve lines/wrinkles/folds, and can be used to sculpt lips and contour the face.

They can also be used to restore elasticity to the skin and reduce some skin surface irregularities.

The effects of dermal filler can last between 6 months to 2 years depending on the type of filler and area being treated. Areas that can be treated include lips, cheeks, chin, and jawline. All our injectable treatments are performed by our highly experienced doctors.


Dermapen 4 skin needling treatments are available. 

Skin needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (C.I.T.) uses the own body’s growth factors stimulated by the inflammatory response to treat and visibly improve the appearance of a wide range of skin conditions.

These include fine lines, scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, acne/acne scarring, rosacea, and enlarged pores. It can even be beneficial for hair loss. Our Dermapen treatments are performed by highly experienced Registered Nurses.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP is an excellent injectable treatment for naturally rejuvenating your skin and repairing the signs of ageing. 

This treatment involves taking a small sample of your own blood and placing it in a centrifuge and spinning it in tubes to separate the plasma from the other blood products. We then collect the Platelet Rich Plasma and deliver it back into your skin, with either a Dermapen 4 skin needling device or directly with a needle and syringe, to stimulate the body’s natural healing response by delivering an abundance of growth factors.

It provides total rejuvenation and can treat delicate and difficult-to-reach areas, such as around the eye area. It’s an extremely safe treatment that has been used in the medical field since the 1970s and is now for cosmetic enhancement. We recommend 3 sessions to see a dramatic improvement in a range of areas and indications. Some areas include the scalp (for hair loss), under-eye area, smoker’s lines, crow’s feet, stretch marks, crepey neck skin, and chest wrinkles just to name a few.

PDO Threads

Mono threads are PDO (polydioxanone) material which is the same as dissolvable sutures.

These are placed into the skin with small needles to areas of concern to cause specific changes in the surrounding tissues that result in neocollagenesis (production of collagen). It also causes a fibrous merging effect, fat reduction, tissue contracture, an improved vascular environment, and myofibroblast proliferation. This in turn causes the tissue to pull inward and contract.

This is how PDO threads are used in areas of the face and body to improve the skin elasticity, and skin texture, or improve a very deep groove or fold. They can be placed all over the face in areas that require tightening. All PDO treatments are performed by our highly trained and experienced doctors using a local anaesthetic to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

IPL treatments

Intense pulsed light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses high-intensity pulses of visible light to treat a number of indications, including hair reduction, removal/reduction of pigmented or vascular lesions, acne, and rosacea.

It also improves overall skin quality and can improve skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. All treatments are performed by our highly trained and experienced registered nurse after a skin check by our doctors.

Cosmetic Enhancement Specials

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