MyMedicare Enrolment with Mermaid Central Medical Clinic

Patients have the chance to join a medical practice registered with MyMedicare, which enhances their ongoing care consistency and maintains convenient access to Telehealth services.

Join MyMedicare now for a healthier future.

Starting October 2023, you can join a medical practice affiliated with MyMedicare. At Mermaid Central Medical Clinic, our focus is on the health of our patients and providing top-notch medical services.

When you sign up with a MyMedicare medical facility, you unlock added perks that enrich your health experience. Based on your chosen centre and its offerings for members, potential benefits could include:

Free Flu & Covid Shots

Preserving your well-being is essential to us. By becoming a member, you can receive flu and covid immunisations at no charge, ensuring protection for you and those close to you from the seasonal flu.

Extended Telehealth Access

By joining MyMedicare, you gain entry to prolonged Telehealth sessions, enabling online meetings with our medical experts from your own home, ensuring you get the attention and treatment you deserve.

Advanced Support for Chronic Ailments

By joining MyMedicare, you’re privy to advanced care for chronic illnesses, customised to your unique requirements and geared towards elevating your total health and wellness.

Enhanced Care Unity

Joining MyMedicare guarantees heightened care continuity with your committed health team, building a robust and reliable bond between patient and provider for your sustained health journey. Access to our Weight Loss Clinic, which includes an on-site doctor, dietitian, exercise physiologist, and psychologist.

Terms & Conditions

At Mermaid Central Medical Clinic, our goal is to deliver enrolled patrons with unparalleled medical care. Yet, it is crucial to acknowledge that the perks and special incentives related to joining our facilities hinge on factors like availability, specific Medicare mandates, unforeseen circumstances, medical professionals’ judgement, and possible revisions. We champion clear communication and always foreground your health; hence, we implore you to go through the ensuing terms and provisions:

Priority Booking Privileges: At Mermaid Central Medical Clinic, our enrolled patrons are given prominence by earmarking specific appointment periods solely for their benefit. The intent behind these slots is to grant immediate consultation access. Despite our unwavering commitment, remember that availability can be limited due to capacity constraints, and specific doctor choices might not always be catered to. There could be occasions when these slots are taken up. External factors, such as urgent medical cases, can influence these schedules. Bear in mind that our customary cancellation policy is pertinent to these priority slots.

Flu and Covid Immunisations: Provision of complimentary flu jabs is contingent upon our stockpile, centre-specific offers based on a range of determinants like seasonality, and other extenuating factors. The flu jab incentives might oscillate annually or intra-yearly.

Inclusive Billing Incentives: Inclusive billing provisions for younger patrons are valid at participating hubs and with certain medical professionals. This might not cover intricate consultations, specific procedures, or weekend appointments. Post-operating hours do not qualify for inclusive billing, and there could be added charges for certain procedures, vaccines, and usage materials. At some hubs, inclusive billing pertaining to yearly health assessments might only apply to certain age demographics; other charges might be applicable. It’s advisable to scan the fee structure of your chosen hub on their digital portal for a comprehensive understanding.

MyMedicare Registration Prerequisites: As per prevailing Medicare stipulations, you should have at least two in-person consultations recorded at the desired practice over the last 24 months to qualify for enrolment.

Medicare Directives and Revisions: Our offerings adhere to the dictums and guidelines prescribed by Medicare. Alterations or renewals in Medicare protocols can have implications on the incentives for our enrolled patrons. We are unwaveringly compliant and will recalibrate our modalities accordingly.

Notification of Modifications: Should there be any revisions to the incentives, policies, or the terms and provisions delineated above, our team will earnestly endeavour to relay these shifts to our enrolled patrons. Transparency is paramount, and our dedication lies in ensuring you remain informed about any pivotal changes that could reshape your medical journey.

In the Mermaid Central Medical Clinic ecosystem, the faith and allegiance of our enrolled patrons are treasured. Even as we endeavour to maintain consistent incentives, we must assert our prerogative to modify patron perks as deemed necessary. Variables like shifting medical regulations, governmental edicts, operational capacity, or other unpredictable scenarios might warrant tweaks to ensure the persistent high calibre of medical services. Our pledge is to facilitate optimal care and support throughout your medical voyage.

We are immensely grateful for your decision to align with Mermaid Central Medical Clinic.