There are so many babies due shortly and we could not be more excited! Did you know we offer shared care? 

Shared care is an arrangement between an obstetrician and your GP. You see your local practitioner for some pregnancy appointments, and you also have some appointments with your obstetrician. It is only an option for women with low-risk pregnancies, however if you live in a rural area, some of your regular pregnancy appointments may be with your GP.

In Australia, GPs who provide shared care must have extra training and qualifications. All of our Doctors here at Mermaid Central Medical Clinic have been trained here in Australia or the UK.

Private shared care isn’t widely available in Australia. A few GPs and private hospitals have special agreements that let GPs provide pregnancy and birth care. Occasionally, a private obstetrician will agree to share your pregnancy care with your GP, but your private obstetrician will be at the birth.

If you’re eligible for Medicare and your GP bulk bills, your appointments won’t cost you a thing. If the GP doesn’t bulk bill, you simply pay the difference between the doctor fee and the Medicare rebate. Meaning, you can still enjoy the convenience and familiarity of visiting your GP.

For more information or to make an appointment with your doctor please call us on 55752444. Alternatively you can book on line by visiting our website

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* This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. Please see your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. Call Mermaid Central Medical Clinic on (07) 5575 2444 or visit the website to make an appointment.

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